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It probably might be love or infatuation towards him.. you most definitely feel that way because there’s an attraction which could either be sexual .. I’d advice you approach him if you haven’t yet, and build a friendly relationship with him. Be sure you’re on the right track instead of just imagining or wishing . […]

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But now, at present, what I take pride in being a Nepali is the religious harmony Nepal has. Nepal used to be a Hindu kingdom, now it is a secular country. The majority of the people here are Hindu. But we have Buddhists, Muslims, Christians. And there is such a beautiful harmony and peace! There is no hatred […]

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Oxen are generally less aggressive than intact bulls are, but that’s not necessarily saying much. They are not necessarily “patient or peace-loving.” Those are fairly anthropomorphic terms in any case. Like any other animal, the behavior of an ox is the result of a combination of its innate temperament and its life experiences. If treated […]

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Yes, but the rational are surrounded by people who make reasonable approaches impossible or challenging beyond measure. What does the person with a massive diamond feel like when everyone is thieving from each other, what is their quality of existence like- well fortunately it’s not necessarily distress since the diamond is an idea when speaking […]

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Both sides did. However, volunteers in the Union side usually enlisted for a fixed term, sometimes 2 or sometimes 3 years and once their term was up, they could not be made to reenlist- although generous bonuses were given the veterans as an inducement.The Confederate soldier was not so lucky. All volunteers were automatically enlisted […]

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Then a few years later, I go back to that cafe. I ask one of the women what happened to the young woman, I assumed she would have graduated and got a job. Waitress: “Sadly she committed suicide after taking her final year exams. She left a goodbye note without any explanation, her parents were heartbroken. I guess we’ll […]